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  • Tonya Kerrin, RN, BSN
  • Lula Negash C.O.O,

About Us

Covenant Home Health Agency LLC was created out of a belief that home care must take a “whole person” approach to serving clients.  This concept encourages our professional staff to work towards maintaining a client’s independent lifestyle by attending to all the factors that go into a safe healthy life, not just a narrow focus on a disease or condition.  The “whole person” idea goes beyond the client to include the home environment, the family, friends and cultural choices.  We believe that by caring for and about the client, their home, and family, we offer the best home care available.

Covenant Home Health Agency LLC is committed to personal attention.  A human being answers our phones, not some automated system.  We want to earn our clients’ trust so we are in the home when we say we will be.  We recognize that life is unpredictable and we are flexible when working to make sure our services serve changing needs.

Our nurses have been selected because of their commitment to caring, compassion and belief in home health nursing.  They are strong advocates for their patients, and go the extra distance to get the best care and services available to them.  They take their duty to educate clients and caregivers to hear and in turn are active in continuing education programs themselves.  They are up-to-date on the latest techniques and nursing science while always remembering that kindness and a simple touch may be the best medicine of all.  Like our nurses, our aides are encouraged to foster an atmosphere of caring and competency.  It is essential to us that our clients know how important they are to us, that they feel the warmth of companionship and the dignity that is deserved.

Our Goal is to keep our clients in their homes for as long as it can be done safely and comfortably.  Should the time come when we all agree it is best to consider other options, we will be there to help with the transition.

Our Mission is to provide the best home health care to clients regardless of age, race, gender or ethnic background.